Apr 30, 2014

TechnoKom to Use FactoryLogix’ Traceability Capabilities in Eliminating Counterfeit Components

Created in 1993, TechnoKom Corporate Group has developed from a small production company to a major fleet management solutions hardware equipment and software supplier with a strong market position in products and applications. After becoming concerned about the high volume of counterfeit components within Russian supply chains, TechnoKom has decided to take action to protect themselves and their customers. Accordingly they are establishing the ability to trace all parts placed by machines as well as those inserted manually, while monitoring production quality in the PCB build area.

The upgrade project also has other objectives. Efficiency in the NPI area is to be increased by streamlining machine programming and documentation activities. Additionally, quality is to be improved by delivering paperless documentation and collecting defect data from operators and YESTECH AOI equipment.

Paperless WIP documentation tracking will be set up in SMT, THT and selected mechanical assembly cells for some selected customers. Route guidance and enforcement, including rework loops, will be implemented. Collection of data entered manually, or generated by AOI equipment, together with defect repairs will also be handled. Revision-controlled manufacturing assembly instructions (MAIs) that leverage product ECAD data will be delivered as intelligent paperless documentation.

Aegis’ standard chart & report templates and real-time dashboards will provide visibility to key performance indicators without additional product training. Material traceability through the SMT, THT and Final Build areas will be implemented.

The Aegis installation will include the FactoryLogix software and a couple of inForce digital process terminals/attendants.

For additional information contact:

Deb Geiger
VP, Global Marketing
Phone: +1 215.773.3571 x 1106
Email: [email protected]