Mar 26, 2009

Test Drive the Aegis Verification and Traceability System at APEX Booth 1235

HORSHAM, PA (USA) – Aegis Software will unveil the third major release of its Version 7 Manufacturing Operations Software, known as R3, at the 2009 APEX exhibition in Las Vegas. Featured in a unique way this year, the latest generation of the Aegis iMaterials shop-floor materials verification and traceability module will be made available for visitors to operate in a simulated environment.

Visitors to the Aegis booth will setup materials along 3 simulated process stations from a stencil printer to a placement machine and out to manual assembly and box build. To prove the unprecedented ease with which a factory can implement process-wide materials verification and traceability, visitors themselves will use iMaterials browsers to setup process stations perfectly.

iMaterials browsers will guide users visually and through its audio and voice synthesis guidance. A combined technology not seen in the industry before, and one that invalidates forever the assumption that traceability increases overhead. iMaterials delivers traceability, control, and visibility while actually supporting your Lean initiatives and increasing operational throughput.

While visitors are using the system, they will have the opportunity to experience a true shop floor dashboard system as their activities will be reflected in real time on a plasma display. And further—if they want to create their own dashboard, they are welcome to do that as well and watch their own design come alive instantly on the screen.

iMaterials is also unique because it adapts to the way you want it to operate. It us is the first and only shop floor materials control system on the market you design yourself. Aegis revolutionized factory software by enabling customers to build their own reports, analyses, and dashboards without any customization or costs. R3 extends this ‘user-customization’ advantage to shop floor materials verification. Every manufacturer has strong opinions about how best to control shop floor materials, how to setup machines, etc. R3 empowers customers to design the materials setup strategy and tactics their web-based shop floor interface will employ using a simple graphical interface. R3 users have the power to define exactly how the system guides operators, reacts to conditions, and the level of control it enforces. A total step forward as compared to any other setup verification tool on the market. R3 is the only system empowering you to decide how every process will be guided and verified to ensure the right material, is in the right location, for the right product.

Aegis invites you to see for yourself how our technology delivers speed, control and visibility so your factory can excel in these challenging times.

For additional information contact:

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VP, Global Marketing
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