Mar 28, 2008

Version 7.0 MOS from Aegis Software Brings Enhanced Visibility And Traceability

PHILADELPHIA, PA (USA) – Aegis Software announces release of their completely redesigned Version 7.0 Manufacturing Operations System (MOS) Software at APEX 2008. The result of a decade of experience delivering MOS technology for assembly-based manufacturing, V7 advances manufacturing information systems to an unprecedented level, and addresses the growing need in high-reliability markets for comprehensive data visibility and product/process traceability.

V7 builds on the unique Aegis MOS concept of joining process planning and launch technology with factory execution. It also provides “actionable” real-time dashboards and analytics, all within one system and on a single data model. An ‘activity-centric’ web-browser-based interface provides a single access point for all manufacturing operations personnel, and delivers shop floor materials verification, paperless documentation, product tracking, interactive traceability, quality and repair, defect visualization, test and diagnostics, pack-out control, real-time monitoring, SPC, and reporting.

This new user environment provides a new level of productivity-enhancing features to the manufacturing environment while providing greater operator simplicity and speed. It also solves the persistent challenge for manufacturers who require real-time information dashboards, interactive data access, visualization for process improvement, and simplified management reporting.

For actionable data display, Aegis’ new solution offers iMonitor 2.0, enabling users to design their own real-time performance, quality, materials, and production dashboards as easily as they would make a PowerPoint slide. These dashboards come alive on the factory’s plasma monitors and at manager’s desktops, drawing on the real-time data feeds from the standards-based Aegis data acquisition system, xLink.

For interactive traceability, V7 offers an online environment for exploring both forward and reverse traceability. This environment returns exact product content, environmental, machine, process, materials, test, measurement, upper and lower assembly, and shipment data.

For detailed historical analysis, the Aegis Data Miner is a revolutionary means to graphically explore the massive reservoir of Aegis MOS data, visualize this data graphically, and then publish it in a report quickly and easily. This becomes a means to develop any output quickly and easily without ever involving IT personnel, without need for knowledge of SQL, or any need to know the Aegis data model. When engineers or managers need to report to customers or regulators, or if engineering is exploring last month’s performance, V7 eliminates the eternal burden of ‘report design’.

“Aegis V7 is something objectively unique entering the MOS market,” says Aegis CEO Jason Spera. “It is the only singular system spanning planning and process design activities, extending all the way through what is typically called MOS, and including an array of data fulfillment and monitoring systems. This product scope would traditionally require multiple systems and integrators to achieve the same goal. However, with V7, we’ve brought something to the market that has powerful and clear benefits with regard to simplicity, cost, and data availability.”

V7 has been tested during 2007 with selected customers and will be available to the Aegis customer base and the product assembly market in 2008.

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