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Aegis Partner Ecosystem

Aegis Partner Program

Transform the way your clients optimize and streamline manufacturing operations with innovative technology that can easily adapt to changing demands. Aegis’ FactoryLogix platform has mastered the challenge of offering robust and complex capabilities that are presented in an elegant and smart user experience that ensures rapid user adoption and time to value.

For Aegis, partnership means working collaboratively on joint and shared growth strategies and plans, implementation, sales and marketing activities to enable both parties to develop and grow a strong business and to provide market leading solutions and services to our customers.

Interested in teaming up with Aegis?

Find the partner program that's right for you

Aegis Partner Program
provides unparalleled opportunities to:


Build and grow your business around Aegis' comprehensive MES product platform.

Develop expertise and differentiate your company.

Promote and sell your complementary solutions.

Tap into and leverage the Global Aegis Partner Ecosystem to help you scale your success.


Whether you have extensive expertise or looking to build a new revenue channel, Aegis’ Partner Program helps you every step of the way. The nature of support is tailored to the type of Partner engagement but all Aegis partners receive dedicated support in the following areas:


Dedicated Partner Management

Aegis understands that successful partnerships require ongoing relationship management. You will have a dedicated Partner Channel Manager to serve as your primary resource and will provide ongoing advisory services to ensure success for you and the customer.

Marketing Support

As a partner, you will be profiled on our website as well as offered the opportunity to participate in joint PR & Marketing initiatives. You will have access to all documentation that can be leveraged to help grow your business.

Training Support

We will also set you up for success with the proper education and training. You will get access to exclusive resources to ensure proper onboarding and your ongoing success.

Become an Aegis Partner

Solution & Service Partner

Solution & Service Partner

Aegis’ Solution & Service Partner Program is for organizations that provide deployment services such as Value- Added Resellers; Integrators; Application Developers.

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Technology Partner

Technology Partner

Aegis’ Technology Partner Program is ideal for machine and device hardware providers; system platform providers; middleware; and other components that deliver added capabilities and enhance the overall value proposition for the customer.

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Consulting or Sales/ Referral Partner

Consulting or Sales/ Referral Partner

Aegis’ Consulting & Sales Partner Program is ideal for companies/individuals interested in working together with Aegis in more of a sales/ referral capability to further extend and grow their business by offering new products/ services.

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Become an Aegis
Solution & Service Partner

You want to grow your business and provide exceptional solutions and services to your clients. Aside from software, we give you the guidance, support, and training to help your clients grow and succeed.

Who's a good fit?

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

If you are already engaging with discrete manufacturers and looking to expand your offerings and services, there’s no limit to how much you can scale your company’s growth and lead your clients down a path to success.

Integrators & App Developers

If you have experience developing integrations and/or applications and are interested in gaining access to the Aegis API we’re excited to help.

Complementary Business Solution Providers (ERP, PLM, etc.)

If the software you’re building is a complement to our MES system platform, we want to talk. We’ll combine our strengths to provide mutual clients with solutions to their business issues.

What's in it for you?

Increase sales into new and existing markets.

Improve client satisfaction and retention.

Help clients leverage software investments.

Become an Aegis
Technology Partner

Working with you, we’ll build technologies focused on transformation areas that address the precise needs of our mutual customers.

Who's a good fit?

Machine & Device Providers

If you develop hardware and periphery technology that is leveraged by discrete manufacturers to collect and transfer information to MES platforms then you are in the right place.

Middleware; Cloud; IoT; and other providers

Aegis also works with infrastructure and technology providers to further expand our platform interoperability and leverage innovative technologies that drive maximum benefit for our clients.

What's in it for you?

Increase revenues.

Increase market share.

Innovative solutions that deliver powerful benefits to the market.

Become an Aegis
Consulting or Sales/ Referral Partner

The Aegis partner program delivers the right tools, processes, and resources to assist you in empowering your customers to accelerate their business success.

Who's a good fit?


If you are looking to add new revenue streams and already have solid relationships with discrete manufacturing companies, this is an ideal program for you.


Consultants that may already be working with discrete manufacturers and looking to be able to make recommendations; provide guidance; or consult companies' ongoing usage of Aegis platform.

Service Providers

Partners that are interested in empowering their clients with the full benefits of Aegis to solve business challenges and improve business processes. These companies may also act as an extension to Aegis’ services team and assist with implementation, training, and project management services.

What's in it for you?

Create additional revenue streams.

Increase customer intimacy.

Differentiate service offerings.

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