Delivering results.

Aegis has been deploying enterprise level manufacturing systems for over 20 years.  We have extensive experience in defining requirements, forming solutions and delivering results.  

Aegis Services Division has developed and honed project management and deployment execution processes proven to ensure that our customers achieve their business goals and get maximum benefit from their system.

We also understand that no two MES deployments are alike. Our customers have different processes, different business goals, and different financial and human resources available to invest in a system deployment.  As such, we have developed an offering model that can be catered to a specific set of customer needs.

During the sales process, Aegis will guide customers through construction of a services package that best suits their situation. The two primary factors to consider are ASSURANCE level of deployment and SPEED of MES deployment.

Project ASSURANCE is achieved by selecting a package that includes comprehensive project management services.  Aegis project management brings accountability and visibility to the deployment project by the following methods:

  • An onsite kickoff and planning event
  • Weekly status calls and deployment reports
  • Project milestones and detailed tasks tracked in an online collaborative management tool
  • Onsite deployment audits
  • Maintaining communication with customer executives and stakeholders as well as project team (known as our 3-tiered engagement model)
  • Formal project gate review meetings
  • An onsite system acceptance event

MES Deployment SPEED is achieved by selecting a package that includes a heavy onsite presence from Aegis trainers, deployment engineers, and consultants to provide direct support and parallel activity throughout the project. Our personnel reduce deployment time with a more turnkey approach that includes:

  • Onsite system installation, commissioning, and pilot to show tangible results in first month of the project
  • Hands-on training workshops that not only train users, but result in completion of upfront system configuration work
  • Shop floor presence during pilots and go-lives to provide rapid support and supplemental training
  • A system outputs session that produces usable reports and dashboards

Deployment Packages

Aegis Services Deployment Packages Table


Regardless of your company size or project budget, Aegis can provide the services you need to reach your business goals in deploying our MES solution.