Ensuring success with MES Audits.

Aegis understands that even the most successfully deployed systems are at risk of suffering from adoption atrophy due to shifting business priorities, economic conditions, or employee turnover.  

Aegis offers MES Deployment Audits as a means for customers to ensure they continue to receive maximum benefit from their investment in our software.

These MES audits are comprised of, but not limited to:

  • Shop Floor System Inspection
  • End-user Satisfaction Surveys
  • Manager and Stakeholder Interviews
  • Current System Usage vs. Original Deployment Statement of Work
  • Objective System Infrastructure Evaluation

In order to effectively evaluate the effectiveness of a system in a factory, one must first understand the critical-path building blocks that must be in place to achieve and maintain success with a mission-critical system.  The below diagram shows a hierarchy of the five key elements that Aegis will audit in determining the current state of a given deployment:

Hierarchy of The Five Key Audit Elements

Hierarchy of the Five Key Aegis Audit Elements diagram


An experienced Aegis system auditor will spend roughly 1.5 days on site conducting a detailed evaluation of the state-of-system usage at the customer facility. The auditor will then compile and present his or her findings in a formal report and presentation. The report will contain observations, concerns, and suggestions for areas requiring corrective actions. The auditor will then arrange a follow-up call 30 days after the MES audit to ensure that the customer is acting on the recommendations and to offer additional insight or guidance if needed.