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Case Study: Lear Shanghai

Today’s manufacturers face complex demands including balancing their customers’ needs for product quality and on-time delivery while minimizing their own production costs and increasing throughput. An MES system presents defect data in real time, providing a quality control system so that flawed product does not leave the factory. 

In this case study, find out how Aegis’ FactoryLogix MES is being used to ensure quality at Lear Corporation, including:

•    Quality Collection on a Visual of the Product
•    Automated Inspection & Test Collection
•    Rework Management
•    Nonconformance Lifecycle Tracking
•    Test Symptom to Defect Mapping
•    Quality Visualization

Learn how the company’s deployment of FactoryLogix has resulted in the following:

•    A reduction in rework and debug time by 50%.
•    Average assembly rework time has dropped 28%.
•    Successful completion of audits from all of their customers.

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