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With FactoryLogix 2017.1, we continue to build upon our solution success, working with our global customer base to ensure we deliver features and functions that have formidable benefits and drive compelling advantages. This datasheet highlights just a few of the key features in 2017.1 that can help you accelerate product introductions, enrich your employee interaction experience, improve quality, reduce costs and gain greater control, visibility, and agility.

What’s New in FactoryLogix 2017.1?

  • Process Engineering Enhancement (Site-to-Site Portability)
  • Hybrid Tracking (Non-Serialized Production Units Transition to Serialized Units)
  • Engineer-To-Order (On-Demand Routing & Rework)
  • Enhanced Hierarchical Production Planning (Batch-to-Batch Dependencies)
  • Support for Consumable Materials (Support Non-Integer Based Parts and Material)
  • Multiple Advancements in Analytics (AS9100; Real-Time SPC; and more)
  • Productivity Enhancements (Voice Control, Barcode & Keyboard Shortcuts, and other workflow improvements)
  • Connectivity Developments (New/Updated xLink Adapters & Machine Interfaces
  • And many more customer-driven features throughout FactoryLogix

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