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EMS Now Michael Ford Interview
Intelligent Manufacturing – Using Data to Drive Improvements

In this SCOOP tv interview, Michael Ford, European Marketing Director at Aegis Software, explains the importance of using "intelligent" factory data to drive improvements in quality control, failure reporting, analysis, and corrective and preventive action (CAPA/FRACAS). 

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Smart Factory Integration
Smart Factory Integration

In this Global SMT & Packaging panel debate industry experts discuss, who is already implementing Industry 4.0 practices, what quality and yield improvements have they made and what have they learned.

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Michael Ford Global SMT
Is the Industry Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

The volume of data being captured is outpacing our ability to translate it into actionable data. However, AI is still not fully developed.In this video moderated by Trevor Galbraith from Global SMT & Packaging, industry experts discuss if we are risking catastrophic failures of widespread recalls in the future.

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SMT Nuremberg 2018
A Digital Revolution for Manufacturing

In this WNIE interview with Kim Sauer, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses the importance of creating value from digitalization.

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Michael Ford-SMT
Aegis Presents “MES Digitally Remastered”

In this SCOOP TV interview with Philip Stoten, Aegis Software's Michael Ford sees manufacturing's digital revolution as a remastering process.

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Industry 4.0 adoption
Harnessing True Value from Industry 4.0

It often seems we spend all our time talking about 'how' to do Industry 4.0 and not enough time about 'why'. In this SCOOP tv interview, Philip Stoten explores this topics with Aegis Software's European Marketing Director, Michael Ford.

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Robotic assembly arm holding CPU chip
Electronics Manufacturing has a New Responsibility

In this EMSNOW article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford, explains why electronics manufacturing is positioned to be the aegis for other manufacturing industries, encouraging and leading key assembly industry verticals towards Industry 4.0.

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Robotic arm assembly line
Delivering Automation

The latest edition of SMT Today features a candid Q&A interview with Jason Spera, CEO of Aegis Software. Read on to learn more about the Aegis vision for Industry 4.0

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i4.0 today Spera interview
Democratizing Data Exchange

i4.0 Today caught up with Jason Spera of Aegis Software to discuss the benefits of democratizing data exchange through IPC's Connected Factory Exchange (CFX).

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