Aegis Software Steps Up To Help New And Existing e-Mobility Manufacturers


Michael Ford, Sr. Director Emerging Industry Strategy, Aegis Software


The traditional automotive sector has been a leader for safety-critical, mass-production of a key consumer product, but has also been a laggard in the adoption of Smart technology within manufacturing. Suppliers of key components, assemblies and modules into the automotive sector have been at the mercy of the final assembly-line optimization model, with little regard made for efficiencies upstream in the supply-chain.

As automotive today gives way to e-Mobility (electronic mobility) vehicles, revolutionary changes are happening, that bring a whole new generation of opportunity at every level of the manufacturing process. Gasoline is giving way to battery power and other renewable energies, the focus moves away from mechanical domination towards electronic, taking with it the need for safety, and now security. The automotive parts manufacturers of autonomous e-mobility must face the additional burden of heightened security of physical and intangible materials (e.g. software), as well as being cybersecure, in order to avoid the opportunity for compromise resulting in unexpected end-product behavior.

With this step-change in technology, even established automotive manufacturers will be caught off guard, with new players in the market seeking to out-smart legacy players through the adoption of advanced Smart technology. There are however some very fundamental lessons to learn as the transition is made, based on the know-how of manufacturing safety critical products such as military and automotive, but using new technologies in a way that protects and assures quality, as well as production performance, avoiding wasted and inappropriate investment.

Join Aegis Software as we present the, “Ready to Manufacture e-Mobility?” webinar on Thursday June 24th, in which we present the modern core principles and MES technologies behind the best practices for automotive parts manufacturers and e-Mobility manufacturing, aimed at helping those in the market currently make a safe and successful transition, whilst also fast-tracking new entrants to the industry. Register now:

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