How a Manufacturer Used MES Automation for Quality and Compliance


Alexis LaScala, Marketing Manager, North America, Aegis Software

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Manufacturers like you face critical demands to maintain regulatory compliance while also driving value for your customers. Moving from a manual tracking system to an automated MES provides complete quality control plus the flexibility for you to respond to changes in real time.

But what if your operation isn’t quite ready for an entire enterprise-wide MES compliance solution? 

One manufacturer who faced this exact challenge is K2 Energy, a leading supplier of lithium-ion battery modules. Back 2006, K2 had launched as a start up, and by 2011, the company began to win orders from large Aerospace and Defense customers including the United States Navy. 

Using a manual, paper-based tracking system caused delays in turnaround times and occasional rework to ensure the highest-quality product. This system also lacked the control and flexibility required for highly-complex projects in highly-regulated industries. K2 decided to gradually phase in a flexible, scalable MES compliance solution, knowing that this would also provide them with a competitive advantage for the future.

What benefits has MES automation enabled for K2 Energy today? 

Read the full story to learn how you can gradually phase in a configurable MES platform to drive substantial quality and compliance benefits for your own enterprise.

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