The Changing World of Productronica 2017


Michael Ford, Sr. Director Emerging Industry Strategy, Aegis Software

Productronica used to be all about evolving machine and materials technology, every two years, big steps forward. Not so much anymore, as laws of physics cannot yet be broken, and factories are more focused on high-performance flexibility than speed alone. Western manufacturing is more like rallying than a drag-race.

With production software having taken a “back seat” for many years, being a tool that many saw as a “premium” to the shop-floor operation, the most modern versions of MES production software are now seen as an essential part of factory management. The Germans introduced the modern MES concept as “Industry 4.0”, which has caused more confusion than benefit so far, certainly in the complex areas of electronics manufacturing. Everyone has a story, but with a real lack of coherence.

This year at Productronica then, it is all about catch-up. Forget the Industry 4.0 hype that every vendor, hardware and software, has been needing to display in order to keep you interested, the time is upon us where we need to take this seriously. FactoryLogix has been specifically created in order to meet the precise needs of modern digital manufacturing, that includes Smart functions, Industry 4.0 and the IoT environment. Aegis is playing a strong role in guiding the industry forward as a whole, being a part of the consensus group creating the upcoming IPC CFX IoT communication standard, a sneak preview of which can be seen demoed at our booth. CFX is designed to be accessible and applicable to everyone, from the very largest of multi-national manufacturers to the most humble of niche local companies, from tier one machine vendors, to the self-built functional testers, manual operators and even transactional roles within the factory such as material logistics.

The achievement of real, holistic digitalization of the factory, is the critical factor that triggers multiple Industry 4.0 derived benefits. FactoryLogix has been created based on these principles, with established connections to machines providing clear visibility of operational progress, highlighting improvement opportunity, and specific dependable guidance for faster management decisions. FactoryLogix stands on its own in the market in this respect, with the adoption of CFX in the future acting to further enhance machine connection capability.

Aegis at Productronica 2017 provides a unique opportunity to look into essential smart manufacturing technology, that is proven, here today, and is the blue-print for how factories will successfully adapt, in the digital age.

Come and see us at Productronica, Hall A3, Booth 340.

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