vendor selection checklist
The Art of Manufacturing Vendor Selection – top ten hints

Alibaba and DigiKey is not a supply chain strategy! So what are the ten most important things to consider when developing an outsourced manufacturing solution and the supply chain that surrounds it?

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Blue circuit board
Will 2016 be the year that IoT really impacts upon the electronic manufacturing supply chain?

The first industrial revolution was built on machines lubricated by oil, the current revolution is built on computers lubricated by data.

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Gold, red, blue and green digital lines
A Golden Age of Innovation in Manufacturing Supply Chain Outsourcing

As I see it a number of factors are throwing up another golden age of electronics innovation, led by new markets and supported by enabling technologies, excellent outsourced product fulfillment and good access to venture capital.

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Showtime for Aegis in February and March

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, 2015 closed on the heels of a very successful presence at Productronica in Munich, Germany.

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Loading dock with pallets of boxes
IoT Solutions for Manufacturing and the Supply Chain

Trends around IoM (Internet of Manufacturing) and Industry 4.0 are all largely focused on operations but where does the potential lie for big data within the supply chain?

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IoT, community and content at the centre of CES

I’m back in San Jose after CES and thought I’d put down a few thoughts on this year’s exhibition floor, keynotes and presentations.

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Electronic Manufacturing Equipment
Who Drives Innovative Manufacturing Processes?

The manufacturing world has been turned on its head by the outsourcing industry, and in many ways for the better, but what about the impact this trend has had on innovation in the manufacturing process?

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Dynamic Dashboards
Dynamic Manufacturing Dashboard Software – The Tools of the Transparent Factory

Most recently viewing methods have become a critical factor when data is being utilized by an organization. Mobility is the norm in modern business and the team’s ability to stay connected to the data via mobile analytics has become key.

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Manufacturing assembly line being controlled from a mobile device
Data Driven Manufacturing: Right Data, Right Place, Right Time

The basic requirement of a successful data driven, or ‘transparent’ factory are the ability to collect data and to store data centrally.

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