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Five Reasons to Move to Contract Manufacturing Outsourcing (And None of Them Are Price!)

There are many compelling reasons to consider outsourcing of the product supply chain, be it from design to delivery or merely PCB assembly. And while this can, and often does, result in cost reduction it really shouldn’t be the motivation.

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Industry 4.0 in the Automotive sector
Examining the Automotive Electronics Supply Chain

The automotive electronics segment is worth close to $180 Billion annually, plus another $35 Billion for infotainment, and this is a segment with current and projected double-digit growth.

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Buyer Beware Is a Bad China Manufacturing Outsourcing Strategy

I wasn’t able to watch 60 Minutes last week to see the story everyone is talking about – toxic, carcinogenic laminate floors imported from China.

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Manufacturing Supply Chain Strategy as a Competitive Advantage

I think supply chain is sexy, but more importantly I think supply chain can be a real competitive advantage in all parts of the electronics manufacturing industry.

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Teamwork in China

You’ve got great people in China, but do you know how well they work as a team?

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Manufacturing Job Trends for 2015

Remember a few years ago when geek became chic? No, me neither, but apparently it did, and programmers became cool and among the best paid people in Silicon Valley.

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Strategic sourcing
Elements of Strategic Sourcing Strategy – When do you start?

Most think that strategic sourcing should start when it’s time to introduce product into production, making decisions about where to source components and what the assembly strategy should be, right?

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What are the Top IoM Benefits?

What is the Internet of Manufacturing (IoM) and why should we care about it?

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4 Benefits of Manufacturing Software for Continuous Improvement

Progress toward Operational Excellence requires the strategic alignment and then optimization of key resources: people, processes, and technology. Each of these three resource categories contributes its own individual, unique value.

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