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Why Operational Excellence in Manufacturing Must Expand in 2015

The business world in general has become increasingly global and distributed, which has both benefitted and challenged manufacturers in multiple ways.

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Supply Chain
6 Supply Chain Predictions for 2015

A new year and new challenges. What does 2015 have install for those involved in electronics manufacturing up and down the supply chain?

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Creating a Smarter Factory Through Factory Process Improvements

Customisation has thus far always been the prerogative of a select few involving a time-intensive process with a complex, fragmented and costly supply chain.

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Internet of Things
IoT + EMS = Internet of Things in Manufacturing (IoM)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is central to the premise of Industry 4.0, a world where a product self identifies at the start of its life.

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4 Ways Manufacturing Leaders Can Shape Operational Excellence Strategy

Experienced professionals know that buy-in from senior leadership is often the greatest success factor for an initiative.

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Traceability Comes of Age with Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

Not so long ago, traceability was predominantly a function required only by certain quality sensitive manufacturers, particularly those within the automotive, medical, military and aerospace sectors.

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The Anatomy of an Operational Excellence Program

Most companies—especially large ones—seem to have some form of continuous improvement program. With today’s dynamic and turbulent global economy, programs like ISO 9001 or Lean Manufacturing are critical for sustaining competitiveness.

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Operational Excellence Starts Here. Today.

For 17 years, Aegis’ mission has been to reshape the very concept of MES toward a more comprehensive and yet cost-effective solution for manufacturers.

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