Industry 4.0 in Action – Productronica Expectations Surpassed

In 2013 there had been a lot of Industry 4.0 talk at the show, lots of companies pinning their colors to that German-led smart factory mast, but very little in real solutions.

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Factory surrounded by dashboards
Reasons to go Paperless: Much More than Just Digitizing Documents

People’s perception of what constitutes the paperless shop floor may vary from individual to individual and indeed from company to company.

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Computer monitor with image of a factory
Benefits of Going Paperless at Work: Paperless Enlightenment

The benefits of going paperless are many, including reductions in costs in terms of print consumables, people’s time and waste due to errors.

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Paperless shop floor
Why a Paperless Factory Benefits Everyone

We all know that for any change to be successful everyone must benefit. Nowhere is this truer than in the change to a paperless factory floor environment.

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Big Data and Traceability
Benefits of Big Data in Manufacturing and Traceability

Taking a big data approach is a change of mindset. In real terms it is all about viewing big data as the means to drive manufacturing excellence through an entire workflow, where traceability becomes a valuable byproduct rather than a cost.

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Moving from Reactive to Proactive Traceability in Manufacturing

If traceability is to offer real value, and not cost, then it needs to become proactive, creating traceability data as a byproduct of a data driven manufacturing excellence strategy.

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digital manufacturing plant surrounded by mobile devices
Key Requirements of a Manufacturing Operations Management Solution

When a manufacturing enterprise adopts a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system capable of managing the entire scope of operations, traceability is no longer something an enterprise strives to achieve, it is a byproduct…

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white microscopes
Examining the Medical Electronic Supply Chain

Fanatical traceability and regulation in an industry that deals with life and death in a daily basis.

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blurry manufacturing plant
Blurred and Disrupted: The Impact of Industry Crossover

There was a time, not so long ago, where we knew what each industry did. The automotive industry made cars, the apparel industry made clothes and the electronics industry made electronics. Now everything is a little less clear.

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