factory workers
Filling the Skills Gap – New Generation Workers

Resident experts are said to be leaving manufacturing companies at an alarming rate, with the “grey tsunami” fueled by opportunities taken during the disruption during the pandemic. This loss of skill and experience need not be an issue, but more an opportunity, let’s embrace the change together.

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Analytics and Factory Automation
The Road to Industry 4.0 Doesn’t Have to be Rocky

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing manufacturing processes today by bridging the gap between high-level Information Technology and floor-level Operational Technology—all while leveraging intelligent data insights to power factory-wide analytics.

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AR Glasses
Augmented Reality Delivers Compelling ROI

Investing in the latest technology, even before it is considered "state of the art," can be super expensive, making it an impractical investment for most business-driven ROI (Return on Objective) analyses. Conversely, what appears to be the less talked about, easier, and more practical aspect of Augmented Reality is already assisting millions of us daily, which now extends into everyday manufacturing.

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The Path to a Paperless Shop Floor

Paper-based processes can no longer keep up with real-time demands or scale with changing business requirements. When manufacturers use manual, paper-based systems, human error, and poor data integrity permeate all business areas. For this reason, and many others, Best-In-Class manufacturers, are increasingly turning to digital solutions.

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data abstract
It’s Not What You’ve Got, It’s What You Use That Matters

Acquiring data from the entire factory is just the first step towards improving the manufacturing process using digital solutions. What you do with the data is much more important than merely having it, creating dashboards, performing machine learning, and analyzing it. The real IIoT-based MES digital twin for manufacturing has arrived.

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3 Key Steps in Building Your MES Business Case

Today’s fast-paced manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to increase throughput, reduce costs, ensure quality, and enable product personalization. It, therefore, makes sense that manufacturing organizations across sectors are increasingly adopting the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) as a powerful solution that provides real-time visibility and control over operations in support of greater agility and optimization.

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IPC Digital Twin
The IPC Digital Twin: The Quality Perspective

Any piece of manufacturing software has within it, an element of a digital twin. This has always been the case, as computer applications by definition, work with data that represents physical things or events, using the data to perform tasks which after computation, influence the physical world. The limitation of any digital twin solution in the market therefore, is exactly the same as for a computerized solution. The better the data, the better the capability and the result.

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Advanced Analytics illustration with mobile devices and data dashboards
The Value of Data is Much More Than Just Analysis

Today too many companies are focused on the acquisition of data in the hopes that the data will create value. Industry 4.0 examines more than the simple internal machine stoppages. Industry 4.0 is focused on the analysis of time intervals in which there is zero data because the equipment or process is not actually working.

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Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Manufacturing: The Aegis Perspective

Artificial Intelligence has entered the mainstream consciousness through the abstract discussions and concerns among folks like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg regarding future risks, advertisements that put forward an image of AI capability that evokes science fiction, and the increasing rate of movies exploring AI in robots that often end badly for their human progenitors. All of this has resulted in a flawed public perception of the actual state of AI.

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