Aegis Provides Traceability and Quality Management for Surmotech

Electronics Manufacturer

Surmotech Inc., headquartered in Victor, New York, is a full-service electronic contract manufacturer supplying the military, medical, industrial, optical, and telecommunications industries as well as consumer markets. Surmotech’s product mix continues to shift towards highly complex, dense PCBAs and these customers have increasingly been calling for complete product, materials and process traceability. After investigating several alternative solutions to this requirement, Surmotech found Aegis’ MOS (manufacturing operations software) to be the best available choice. It added traceability and quality management capability to their existing equipment without loss of manufacturing throughput.

Surmotech required serialisation of each unit built, with complete part and lot traceability as well as product tracking with route enforcement. Additional functionality such as AOI performance tracking, test/rework history, quality metrics, first pass yield and historical genealogy were considered to be critical too. They were confident that the AEGIS solution could provide all of this performance and more.

All machines across all lines were integrated to enable complete traceability of process, materials, and production.

Once Surmotech determined that the Aegis MOS was the only system with the depth and scope to its needs, Aegis developed a modular, scalable implementation plan (based on an existing on-site Aegis NPI platform) which was executed in less than eight weeks. This allowed pre-production runs that met the requirements for their first high-complexity traceability project. Surmotech followed up their successful launch of Aegis MOS with a full implementation across their entire customer base. All machines across all lines were integrated to enable complete traceability of process, materials, and production.

Surmotech views Aegis MOS as a modular and comprehensive solution and several key benefits have materialized. A cost-effective initial investment was fulfilled with a stable and predictable implementation. Existing SMT, AOI and test equipment has been integrated into the strategy and its functionality has been enhanced by doing so. Production reporting provides clear in-process visibility, while yield reporting and detailed quality reports enable resolution of issues in real time. Hours previously spent in report generation have now been eliminated. Traceability of every product has been achieved, quality and efficiency is constantly being improved, and response times to customer inquiries have been reduced to just minutes.

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