Aegis Software Announces Latest FactoryLogix Release, Enabling Less Friction, More Intelligence, and Greater Agility

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FactoryLogix 2019.1 Delivers Over One Hundred Enhancements Aimed at Further Enriching User Experience, Enabling Companies to Effortlessly Scale their Operations, and Instantly Transform Big Data into Actionable Intelligence

HORSHAM, PA (November 20, 2019) - Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES), today announces the general availability of FactoryLogix® 2019.1. As an industry leader in MES, Aegis continues to deliver unmatched capabilities for complex discrete manufacturers to achieve agility, efficiency, and superior customer service. FactoryLogix has evolved into a very sophisticated and comprehensive platform. With FactoryLogix 2019.1, Aegis strategically focused on incorporating more customer-reported enhancements in addition to an increased concentration on ensuring FactoryLogix remains easy-to-use for optimized manufacturing outcomes.

FactoryLogix 2019.1 delivers more than one hundred enhancements, across the entire platform, below is a fraction of the industry-leading features and benefits offered in this new release:

  • Improve User Experience & Boost Productivity – FactoryLogix 2019.1 delivers additional operator interface templates and improved screen layout, providing an even more streamlined and optimized user navigation experience. Enhanced attachment capabilities support seamless interaction and ease of use. Increasing productivity and job satisfaction are just a few of the benefits.
  • Reduce Factory Friction – If you are an OEM, contract manufacturer, or you outsource to a contract manufacturer, the act of transferring product/products to another facility or company can be laborious, complex, and costly. Building upon FactoryLogix’ existing site-to-site process portability capabilities, FactoryLogix now provides the ability to transfer assemblies and all product device history, including all trace and quality data. Manufacturers can accelerate time-to-production and time-to-market while easily supporting customer and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Lean Material Management – Automated replenishment & reordering, delta kitting, and automated quality inspection switching rules are some of the enhancements added to this new release that focus on reducing inventory costs, increasing throughput, and quality.

Given the breadth and depth that already exists in FactoryLogix today, we doubled-down and focused FactoryLogix 2019.1 primarily on customer feedback.

  • Improve Control, Reduce Cost and Complexity – Aegis announces inForce 2.0, their next-generation device that interacts with SMEMA (Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association) compliant equipment for production line control. inForce 2.0 monitors and controls the manufacturing process, informs operators, saves energy and workspace, and reduces infrastructure cost and complexity.
  • Actionable Insights Across Your Supply Chain – More and more manufacturers are overwhelmed with the immense amount of data and metrics. With FactoryLogix’ Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence offering, Aegis builds upon its already extensive advanced analytic capabilities. FactoryLogix 2019.1 now enables manufacturers to implement and leverage a more structured approach to measuring and monitoring manufacturing performance across the entire enterprise. Additionally, with FactoryLogix’ new OData (Open Data Protocol) connector, manufacturers can easily combine and leverage FactoryLogix data with other data sources to achieve a holistic and interdependent metrics across their entire supply chain.
  • Maximize FactoryLogix Adoption & ROI – To support their continued commitment to excellent customer service, and strong user adoption rates, Aegis Software has also launched a complete redesign of their FactoryLogix Knowledge Base. This new redesign provides FactoryLogix users with comprehensive, real-time product knowledge that delivers a more intuitive, seamless, and user-friendly experience. The powerful search capabilities ensure users are presented with the right information at the right time in the right way.

“Given the breadth and depth that already exists in FactoryLogix today, we doubled-down and focused FactoryLogix 2019.1 primarily on customer feedback and how we can further help them to grow revenues, reduce costs, and stand out from the crowd. This release is another testament to our ongoing commitment to customer service and collaboration, providing over one hundred enhancements fueled by our global customer base of discrete assembly manufacturers,” said Jason Spera, CEO, Aegis Software.

FactoryLogix is a holistic and modular platform that delivers leading-edge technology with easily configurable modules to support and execute a discrete manufacturer’s strategy towards Industry 4.0. FactoryLogix manages the entire manufacturing lifecycle: from product launch to material logistics, through manufacturing execution and quality management to powerful analytics and real-time dashboards. This end-to-end platform is helping companies accelerate product introductions, streamline processes, improve quality and traceability, reduce costs, and gain greater visibility for competitive advantage and profitability.

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Founded in 1997, Aegis Software uniquely delivers a comprehensive and flexible end-to-end manufacturing execution system (MES) platform giving manufacturers the speed, control, and visibility they require. Aegis has international sales and support offices in Germany, UK, and China, and partners with more than 37 manufacturing equipment suppliers. Since its inception, Aegis has been helping more than 2,000 factories across the military, aerospace, electronics, medical, and automotive industries, drive rapid and continuous innovation with the highest quality while reducing operational costs. Learn more by visiting Speed, Control and Visibility for Manufacturing.

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