Aegis Software Announces SAP® Certification of their FactoryLogix® MES Platform for SAP ERP 6.0

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Provides Standardized and Seamless Closed-Loop Connectivity to Exchange Critical Data Between the Factory Floor and the Enterprise

HORSHAM, PA (November 8, 2017) - Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES), today announced that its FactoryLogix® MES software platform has been certified for SAP® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), version 6.0.

Aegis Software’s FactoryLogix MES solution provides a next-generation digital solution for discrete assembly manufacturing across multiple industries, promoting practical and achievable Industry 4.0 values. Based on a modern digital manufacturing platform, FactoryLogix visualizes, controls and manages all aspects of production in real-time. FactoryLogix provides computerization and digitalization enhancement of classic industrial engineering practices, in areas that include production flow control, electronic documentation, live progress dashboards, KPIs and analytics, Lean material management and logistics, finite planning assistance and active quality management.

As well as linking digitally with production processes, FactoryLogix also integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems such as SAP’s Business Solutions, accessing key enterprise data for direct utilization into an active smart production environment, including digital process documentation, Lean supply-chain, active finite routing, conformance and compliance. Added-value integration in the reverse direction is also provided, with FactoryLogix acting as a digital recorder back to SAP’s Business Solutions communicating fully qualified production events up to and including full traceability.

SAP is a clear leader in the industry for ERP operations, for which FactoryLogix is a perfect complement.

“SAP is a clear leader in the industry for ERP operations, for which FactoryLogix is a perfect complement,” stated Dan Walls, Managing Director of Aegis Software Europe. “Certification from SAP assures our new and existing customers that value from their investment in each solution is enhanced through a reliable, dependable and secure exchange of critical information, in a timely way as required for true Industry 4.0 operation.”

Through the use of Aegis’s FactoryLogix MES and SAP’s Business Solutions, customers can significantly reduce costs of new product introduction, achieve higher levels of quality and on-time delivery, reduce material related costs and become more flexible to support a higher product mix without the usual association of reduced productivity. Being reactive to customer demand changes, using FactoryLogix’ computerized visibility, control and planning place the customer clearly in line with the business principles of Industry 4.0.

About Aegis Software

Founded in 1997, Aegis Software uniquely delivers a comprehensive and flexible end-to-end manufacturing execution system (MES) platform giving manufacturers the speed, control, and visibility they require. Aegis has international sales and support offices in Germany, UK, and China, and partners with more than 37 manufacturing equipment suppliers. Since its inception, Aegis has been helping more than 2,000 factories across the military, aerospace, electronics, medical, and automotive industries, drive rapid and continuous innovation with the highest quality while reducing operational costs. Learn more by visiting Speed, Control and Visibility for Manufacturing.

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