Aegis Software Showcases Manufacturing Intelligence 4.0: A Disruptive, Enterprise Approach to Eliminating Islands of Data for Actionable Insights

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Aegis to highlight how their Zero-Code IIoT-Based MES platform removes the complexities & costs of collecting and contextualizing data with an enterprise-wide and interpretive lens to turn data into real information

HORSHAM, PA (January 22, 2020)Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES), will be showcasing a disruptive approach to Manufacturing Intelligence at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO 2020, Booth #2119, in San Diego, California, February 4th – 6th. Aegis’ FactoryLogix platform is uniquely architected to instantly facilitate factory and enterprise insights without the complexity and costs typically associated with collecting and contextualizing data. The contextualization of massive volumes of independent data points that IoT produces is crucial for manufacturing organizations to transform this raw, meaningless data into visual data relationships that become meaningful, useful, and actionable.

Many IIoT & MES solutions have a method of collecting data, usually through IoT vendors and middleware. However, data alone is not useful until it is made meaningful. That is where FactoryLogix introduces a disruptive approach to analytics. The first MES built on a proven IoT engine with thousands of machine adapters that extract that data from all the machines, people, and systems but relates this data to the CAD design, the product data, and the process context in real-time in order to make sense of it and drive intelligent decisions. FactoryLogix advances the usefulness of this data beyond the factory as well. An unprecedented multi-site data aggregation solution provides fail-safe factory operation even when inter-factory connections and cloud connections fail, enables high-speed factory control, and at the same time delivering efficient multi-site analytics.

Today, manufacturers primarily rely on teams of highly skilled technical resources to first understand the data structures from the different data sources, then extract and transform that data. After that step, they then need to bring in subject matter experts to understand all of the data at a holistic level and how it relates to the entire operation and overall business. Aegis’ IIoT-based MES platform, FactoryLogix, answers the “So What?” by leveraging a differentiated and holistic approach, ultimately removing the traditional time and resource constraints, associated with data, that are holding so many manufacturers back from growth, differentiation and ultimate survival. Applying the conventional way of extracting and analyzing the ever-increasing terabytes and exabytes of data is no longer an option.

Manufacturers should ask their solution provider: ‘What happens every time I add a new data source, like a machine or tool such as a digital torque driver?

“There is a lot of confusion in the discrete manufacturing industry, and many vendors are making overreaching claims and promises related to the benefits of leveraging IIoT data for Industry 4.0 transformation. On the surface, it all sounds great, but manufacturers should challenge these solution providers and demand a deeper understanding of how streams of non-contextualized and unrelated data points from devices and machines are magically going to become contextual insights required for manufacturing excellence without an army of integrators and software coders to make it happen,” stated Jason Spera, CEO, Aegis Software. “Manufacturers should ask their solution provider: ‘What happens every time I add a new data source, like a machine or tool such as a digital torque driver? Does the solution know how to instantly interpret and relate that data thousands of other sources of information in the enterprise and the product design so that it is meaningful and actionable to make smart decisions? Or do I need additional developers/resources to make that new data make sense?’” Spera continues, “FactoryLogix is uniquely able to achieve that for its users, making the dream of ‘useful IoT data’ a reality. Aegis welcomes the hard questions such as ‘how fast can I get meaningful data when I add three more lines of new types of machines and does anyone need to write code to do it?’. We welcome those deeper-dive discussions to explain why.”

FactoryLogix is Driving Factories Forward

FactoryLogix  manages the entire manufacturing lifecycle: from product launch to material logistics, through manufacturing execution and quality management, to powerful analytics and real-time dashboards. This end-to-end platform is helping companies accelerate product introductions, streamline processes, improve quality and traceability, reduce costs, and gain greater visibility for competitive advantage and profitability.

FactoryLogix solution areas include, Digital Manufacturing Engineering (DME); Manufacturing Process Execution; Returns, Repairs, Rework, Overhaul (RMA/MRO); Lean Materials Management; Adaptive Planning; Quality Management Solution (QMS); Regulatory & Customer Compliance; Manufacturing Intelligence; Active Rules Engine; Connectivity (IIoT & Business Systems).

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