CIRCUITCAM – The next generation of CIM software

Manufacturing Plant
Manufacturing Plant

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Aegis Industrial Software (AIS) announces the release of CircuitCAM CIM software designed to deliver dramatically improved performance and allow customers to achieve flexible and easily scaleable computer integrated manufacturing solutions. CircuitCAM is built entirely using Microsoft Visual C++Ò development tools, allowing users to take full advantage of the capabilities of 32-bit Windows NT/95/98Ò operating systems, and ensuring compatibility with future generations. AEGIS has rigorously followed Windows user interface etiquette to create a product that is intuitive, powerful, and easy to learn and use.

CircuitCAM represents the current state-of-the-art in CIM software, with the capability to centralize, process, and store data describing every stage of a product’s manufacture, including initial set-up of new projects, machine programming, paperless documentation, configuration management and engineering changes. CircuitCAM offers sophisticated line optimization software and includes reporting systems and machine interfaces, and performs BOM and CAD joining.

CircuitCAM installations are based around a common core. This main application module includes the CircuitCAM Factory Modeler, which brings intuitive organization to the volumes of data produced by CIM systems. The CircuitCAM Factory Modeler allows the user to graphically develop and archive unlimited routing representations and to anchor all machine, operator, documentation, and set up parameters to each point in these routings. The network database of routings then allows users within the CircuitCAM workgroup to easily share and standardize their CIM outputs, such as programs and assembly documentation. CircuitCAM provides enterprise-wide power to generate machine programs, design plant flow and workload, create and maintain powerful, flexible documentation. The CircuitCAM Factory Modeler is the benchmark for the next generation in CAM/CIM tools.

For the first time, CIM users can fully exploit the resources of modern Windows operating systems, and CircuitCAM’s completely open data architecture makes a true enterprise system possible.

CircuitCAM is designed to process BOMs, Gerber, 33 CAD formats, and scanned bare board input data into routings, assembly documentation including visual aids and color-coded prints, quality and assembly reports, and machinery programs without the burden of intensive library management. This provides a comprehensive and powerful basic building block to which extra CircuitCAM modules are added by the customer as required, for example, to add extra user seats or machine interfaces as the enterprise grows.

Tools such as OLE graphics handling and embedded features such as Internet and video links for factory-floor viewers enable comprehensive project documentation and assembly instructions to be created rapidly, maintained quickly and easily, and referenced throughout the user’s enterprise. CircuitCAM’s completely open data architecture makes assembly-specific data available via an Access database, yielding unlimited potential for reporting and monitoring. Data is immediately accessible to other Windows applications such as spreadsheets or presentation packages, providing unprecedented flexibility to create documentation for manufacturing, management or sales and marketing purposes.

“CircuitCAM offers key advantages through its documentation, data management and machine programming capabilities,” said Jason Spera, CEO of Aegis Industrial Software. “For the first time, CIM users can fully exploit the resources of modern Windows operating systems, and CircuitCAM’s completely open data architecture makes a true enterprise system possible.”

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