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Michael Ford-SMT
Aegis Presents “MES Digitally Remastered”

In this SCOOP TV interview with Philip Stoten, Aegis Software's Michael Ford sees manufacturing's digital revolution as a remastering process.

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Industry 4.0 adoption
Harnessing True Value from Industry 4.0

It often seems we spend all our time talking about 'how' to do Industry 4.0 and not enough time about 'why'. In this SCOOP tv interview, Philip Stoten explores this topics with Aegis Software's European Marketing Director, Michael Ford.

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Robotic assembly arm holding CPU chip
Electronics Manufacturing has a New Responsibility

In this EMSNOW article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford, explains why electronics manufacturing is positioned to be the aegis for other manufacturing industries, encouraging and leading key assembly industry verticals towards Industry 4.0.

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Robotic arm assembly line
Delivering Automation

The latest edition of SMT Today features a candid Q&A interview with Jason Spera, CEO of Aegis Software. Read on to learn more about the Aegis vision for Industry 4.0

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i4.0 today Spera interview
Democratizing Data Exchange

i4.0 Today caught up with Jason Spera of Aegis Software to discuss the benefits of democratizing data exchange through IPC's Connected Factory Exchange (CFX).

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IPC Standards
Combining IPC Standards in Your Manufacturing Process

Beyond CFX, Michael Ford, European Marketing Director at Aegis Software, explains how IPC standards can combine to provide a digital framework for Smart Factory applications in this interview with SCOOP tv's, Philip Stoten.

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Quality Management
New Quality Management Capabilities for Aegis

Data is just data unless it can be utilized. Bob Milkosey, VP, Product Management at Aegis Software talks to SCOOP tv's, Philip Stoten about how Aegis uses that data to ensure conformance and continuous process improvement.

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i4.0 Today-Jason Spera
CFX – The IPC’s Connected Factory Initiative

i4.0 Today caught up with 14 vendors during the 2018 IPC APEX EXPO to discuss the IPC CFX initiative and the benefits it can provide.

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Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) Standard
Open, IIoT-Driven Data Exchange with IPC’s CFX

The success of CFX was the talk of the show at last week's IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries APEX event. Here SCOOP's Philip Stoten sits down with Nancy Jaster, Marc Peo and Jason Spera to discuss the development of this universal, open data standard and what it means for the future of the industry. 

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