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Industry 4.0: Build vs Buy?

"As factories now face a step-change challenge to move forward with smart digital manufacturing that Industry 4.0 represents, can existing in-house solutions be adapted or are digital factory best practices achieved with the introduction of a new, commercially-developed digital MES solution?" Find out what else Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford has to say on "Build vs. Buy" in this issue of i4.0 Today.

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Traceability, Blockchain and Counterfeit Materials

In this EMSNow article, Aegis Software Corporation's, Michael Ford exlpores how IBM and Aegis Software, in conjunction with the IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries' 1782 Traceability standard are working towards the benefits of blockchain technology and if it truly creates a secure supply chain for manufacturers.

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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Meet the Warehouse

The worlds of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) used to be completely distinct. Now with e-commerce driving more fulfillment straight from factories, leaner order cycles, and more manufacturing taking place in warehouses, MES and WMS can be seen working closer together with significant benefits. Find out what’s driving this trend and what Aegis Software’s Michael Ford has to say about just-in-time (JIT) replenishment in this article from Modern Materials Handling 

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Advanced Digitalization Makes Best Practice, Part 2: Adaptive Planning

“For Industry 4.0 operations, Adaptive Planning has the capability of replacing both legacy APS tools, simulations, and even Excel solutions. As time goes on, with increases in the scope, quality and reliability of live data coming from the shop-floor, using for example the Connected Factory Exchange standard (CFX), it is expected that Adaptive Planning solutions will become progressively smarter, offering greater guidance while managing constraints as well as optimization.” Michael Ford explains Adaptive Planning in this Issue of I-Connect007

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“What’s New in Electronics” Interviews Aegis Software’s Stephan Häfele

Stephan Häfele, Aegis Software and Kevin Decker-Weiss, CircuitByte sit down with Iain Hazlewood, WNIE (What's New in Electronics) to discuss the synergy between Aegis' FactoryLogix and CircuitByte's BOM Connector solutions and the unique values, opportunities and benefits that will accrue to manufacturing organizations.

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How Will the Operator Role Change with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence?

As Industry 4.0 finally finds it's way from theory to reality the role of the operators will inevitably change. In this SCOOP tv interview Michael Ford, European Marketing Director at Aegis Software, and Philip Stoten explore a new world of human machine interaction using technologies like AR and AI to augment the operator's experience.

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EMS Now Michael Ford Interview
Intelligent Manufacturing – Using Data to Drive Improvements

In this SCOOP tv interview, Michael Ford, European Marketing Director at Aegis Software, explains the importance of using "intelligent" factory data to drive improvements in quality control, failure reporting, analysis, and corrective and preventive action (CAPA/FRACAS). 

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Smart Factory Integration
Smart Factory Integration

In this Global SMT & Packaging panel debate industry experts discuss, who is already implementing Industry 4.0 practices, what quality and yield improvements have they made and what have they learned.

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Michael Ford Global SMT
Is the Industry Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

The volume of data being captured is outpacing our ability to translate it into actionable data. However, AI is still not fully developed.In this video moderated by Trevor Galbraith from Global SMT & Packaging, industry experts discuss if we are risking catastrophic failures of widespread recalls in the future.

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