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Benefits of Digitization - Actionable Data Interview
Benefits of Digitization – Actionable Data

Jason Spera, CEO at Aegis Software joins SCOOP tv's, Philip Stoten to discuss the latest developments of FactoryLogix.

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Open IIoT Data Standards Interview
Open IIoT Data Standards

In this WNIE TV interview Kim Sauer meets Jason Spera from Aegis Software at APEX 2018 to discuss developments in industry standards.

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Smart Factory APEX Interview
Smart Factories, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence

Smart Factory M2M and supply chain solutions continue to evolve, but security of data entering and leaving the factory is a growing issue. In this Global SMT & Packaging interview Aegis Softwares, Jason Spera and other industry experts discuss, how secure are these data and what systems are needed to protect factories from the growing number of hackers and bad factors that could potentially harm their business?

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Tackling Counterfeit Components
Tackling Counterfeit Components

Counterfeiters are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods to avoid detection. In this SMT & Global interview Aegis Software's Michael Ford and other industry experts, discusses how manufacturers can combat this growing menace and where the liability lies. Is it with the originator, the distributor or the assembler?

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Trends and Emerging Technology
Emerging Technology Trends for Manufacturing

WNIE's Kim Sauer talks to Michael Ford from Aegis Software and Dr Bill Cardoso from Creative Electron to delve into exploring some of the advanced and emerging trends that will be impacting our industry including digitization & security, collaborative robotics and 3D printing.

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Quality Improvements from Data
Actionable Data for Quality Improvements

As Industry 4.0 finally finds it's way from theory to reality the role of the operators will inevitably change. In this SCOOP tv interview Michael Ford, European Marketing Director at Aegis Software, and Philip Stoten explore a new world of human machine interaction using technologies like AR and AI to augment the operator's experience.

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Electronics Factory Workers Assembling Circuit Boards
The Future of Paperless Manufacturing

In this Industrial Automation Asia article, Aegis Software Corporation's, Michael Ford, discusses why going paperless is just the first step of the digital revolution in manufacturing and why all factories need to embrace digital manufacturing.

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Digital interface and servers with clouds
Is It A Cloud, Or Is It Fog? The Climate Change Of Data

In this I-Connect007 article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford, explains what the cloud can really offer, what it cannot, and what is needed to build the cloud into an effective strategy for data storage and accessibility.

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Industry 4.0 symbols
Industry 4.0 Technologies – If Only I Had Known

In this I-Connect007 article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford, explains how the digitized factory based on CFX becomes a very lean, digital, high-performance manufacturing engine, that can cope with a far higher mix of products yet also provide far higher throughput and efficiency.

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