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Manufacturing Today
The Industry 4.0 journey is Only Possible with MES Empowerment

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) empowers operators to leverage specialized manufacturing insight without taking excessive time for cross-training, quickly establishing a high level of team-wide flexibility. When surveyed, more than 90 percent of leading manufacturers said that cross-trained operators were instrumental in achieving flexibility.

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wall street journal
What’s Worse Than a Chip Shortage? Buying Fake Ones

Chip Shortage Has Spawned A Surplus Of Fraudsters And Fake Parts. It is a quality-control crisis created by the world’s scramble to land hard-to-find semiconductors at any cost. Without those essential parts, makers of products as varied as home appliances and work trucks are stuck in neutral as the global economy ticks back to life.

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From Beast To Beauty: Transforming Analytics

Manufacturing organizations are implementing more analytics capabilities than ever before with the hopes of leveraging insights from their machines, people, and processes to drive positive outcomes that ultimately drive revenues.

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Quality Digest Live
How to Optimize Cost & Quality

In this Quality Digest Media Live interview, Editor in chief Dirk Dusharme, speaks with Aegis Software Corporation's Co-Founder & CEO Jason Spera on why the power of a single, holistic platform that provides a complete Quality Management system and Manufacturing Operations Management system are better together than disparate, stand-alone systems.

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FactoryLogix IIoT-based Manufacturing 4.0 Platform Chosen by Mercury Systems

By implementing a holistic Manufacturing 4.0 platform, Mercury will be able to standardize, streamline, and scale manufacturing operations on a single platform. Ultimately, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promise allows companies like Mercury to achieve next-level traceability, visibility, productivity, and quality.

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Industrial Talk
Automating Adaptive Manufacturing

In this Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie, Aegis Software Corporation's Jason Spera talks about how companies can automate highly adaptive manufacturing without coding or exorbitant costs. Ideal for highly personalized and MRO manufacturing environments.

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Quality Digest
Leveraging MES and QMS to Optimize Cost and Quality

In this Quality Digest article, Aegis Software's Jason Spera discusses why a quality-driven mindset across every layer of an enterprise strategically enhances process visibility and compliance to enable improvements in both cost and customer satisfaction.

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Robotic assembly arms
Smart Factory Insights: Me and My Digital Twin

In this I-Connect007 article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses the digital twin and what you need to know to ensure benefits outweigh the costs.

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Automation Media
Discrete Manufacturers Access New Tools to Manage a Changing Factory Floor

In this recent Automation interview article, Jason Spera, shares the trends in factory floor automation including Industry 4.0-IIoT capabilities, which seamlessly connect assets and systems.

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