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Michael Ford
Real Time with… IPC APEX EXPO 2021: Developments in Digital Manufacturing

In this I-Connect007 interview Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses the industry trend towards digital manufacturing, the latest in 3D CAD technology, ontological data and the benefits of the new IPC standard for digital twins.

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tech talk Michael Ford and Radu Diaconescu
The New IPC Cybersecurity Standard IPC 1792 and the Very Real Threats Facing the Electronics Industry

The latest Global SMT & Packaging podcast features Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford and Swie's Radu Diaconescu discussing the new IPC Cybersecurity standard IPC 1792 and the very real threats facing the electronics industry at every level.

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Smart Energy Management Goes Beyond The Meter

In this EMSNOW article Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford delves into how manufacturers can effectively leverage the energy consumption data of various manufacturing activities to further understand how schedules can change in favor of energy cost reduction.

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Black dice with i4.0
Reaping the Benefits of the Connected Factory

In this PLANT magazine article, read how Dorigo Systems Ltd. is leveraging Aegis Software Corporation's FactoryLogix IIoT-based MES solution to improve every aspect of their operations and enable Industry 4.0 benefits.

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Musts, Needs, and Wants In a Low Margin Business

In this latest EMSNOW article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford highlights the three laws of manufacturing digitalization and what manufacturers need to succeed in this new age of product mix and customer volatility.

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Digital Assembly Robot Arms
Feature Interview with Aegis Software – 2020: The Year That Industry Innovated and Overcame

In this WNIE (What’s New in Electronics) feature article interview Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses how leading companies have reacted to and mitigated the global Covid-19 disruption in 2020 an how they will apporach 2021 with a renewed mindset.

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Robot controlling assembly line
Changing Roles in the Digital Factory

In this I-Connect007 article Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses why it is time to reinvent the expectations and job qualifications required in today's digital world. Leaders should seek to create the right balance of hybrid sets of skills, manufacturing, and digital technology.

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How Manufacturers Can Build Resiliency and Agility for Success in 2021 and Beyond

WNIE (What's New in Electronics) radio interview with Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discussing how manufacturers can build resiliency and agility for success in 2021 and beyond.

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Reliability Matters Interview with Michael Ford
A Conversation with Michael Ford about Digital Twin

Hear Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses the Digital Twin with Mike Konrad on the Reliability Matters podcast series.

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