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Smart Factory: Indirectly, The Death of Test & Inspection

In this I-Connect007 article,  Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford explains why test, inspection and IIoT-based MES software that support machine, line and factory-learning belong in the “must” column of any Smart factory shopping budget.

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Counterfeit Components

Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford joins Trevor Balbraith, Global SMT & Packaing to discuss how counterfeit components continue to be an increasing problem in its many forms.

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Automate to Order

We know that Industry 4.0 is all about automation, right? High-volume manufacturing has always been highly automated in a mechanical sense, but what about the opposite end of the volume scale? What about manufacturers that are performing very high-mix production, meeting bespoke needs of customers, including cases where each product is uniquely personalized? How does Industry 4.0 automate that? Read this i4.0 Today article, by Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford, to see the right “formula”.

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Aegis’ Ontology Drives Digital Twin Process

View this latest I-Connect007 video interview with Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford as he explains the importance of contextualized ontology and how without it you end up with a load of data that is difficult to interpret or use for improving your operations.

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MES Now!

As manufacturers turn to MES solutions to deliver the next chapter of digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0 what should you be looking for, and what you should definitely avoid? Should you really be holding off making the decisions to move forward with an MES solution? What should your modern "MES Now" strategy be? Read this EMSNOW article by Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford to learn more

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Tiffanie Sobczak
Defying Expectations in Tech

Aegis Software Corporation's Tiffanie Sobczak speaks with Carlota Pico from The Content Mix discussing a wide variety of topics, from taking risks and defying expectations to drive your career forward, to carefully adapting your marketing efforts to match customers' needs in turbulent times.

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The Next Step in Visual Work Instructions

In this article published by ASSEMBLY Magazine, editor-in-chief John Sprovieri discusses how augmented reality can double the productivity of Assemblers. Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford is quited saying, "FactoryOptix uses the same internal digital product model, as our FactoryLogix paperless work instructions, to provide all the data and documentation needed for AR to work, No additional costs or programming are necessary."

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Seizing Profit: The Long and Short of It

In this Global SMT & Packaging article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses essential best practices for manufacturers to ensure their business thrives while faced with an uncertain future.

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Philip Stoten, Eric Miscol, Michael Ford & Raveev Bhalla
The Virtual Eric Miscoll Show (The EMS) – Digital Transformation Special

Eric Miscoll and Philip Stoten welcome guests Rajeev Bhalla of Clip Automation and Michael Ford of Aegis Software to continue the increasingly compelling conversation around digital transformation sparked by COVID-19.

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