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Workers standing in front of digital screens
Digital overload vs. value creation

In Today's Medical Developments Magazine cover story, Digital overload vs. value creation Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses how to make digitalization stress- and risk-free, but most of all, beneficial in the pursuit of ultimate product reliability.

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managers on factory floor
Machines, People and AI

In this I-Connect007 article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses how machines, people, and AI can work together in harmony to deliver powerful results.

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Design Challenges
Design Challenges: From the Assemblers Point of View

In this I-Connect007 article, Andy Shaughnessy asked experts from the PCB assembly segment to share their thoughts about design challenges that affect technologists on the EMS side. Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford shares his view of the world of PCB design from downstream in the process.

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Claire Saunders and Michael Ford
Michael Ford from Aegis at SMTConnect 2023

In this WNIE (What's New in Electronics) interview with Claire Saunders, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses how Aegis is tackling the challenge of extracting & standardizing data from PLCs in a factory for complete visibility.

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Robotic assembly arm
Tooling & Workholding Looks to the Future with Next-Gen Tech

In this recent article published by SME Senior Editor Bill Koenig discusses why manufacturers must embrace Industry 4.0. Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford is quoted saying, "Industry 4.0 is being driven by business need. This is not a fad."

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digital circuit board
IPC-CFX Is Ready for Your Current and Future Factory of the Future Implementations

In this latest Global SMT & Packaging co-authored article, IPC-CFX is Ready for Your Current and Future Factory of the Future Implementations, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford joins other experts in discussing the latest updates to the game-changing IIoT "plug and play" standard.

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Manufacturing: Meet the Flintstones

In this I-Connect007 article, Manufacturing: Meet the Flintstones, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford talks about the importance of MES Technology for disassembly and how it will become just as crucial as it is for manufacturing.

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people pushing blocks
Differentiation, Community, and Composability

In this I-Connect007 article, Smart Factory Insights: Differentiation, Community, and Composability, Aegis Software Corporations's Michael Ford discusses key areas manufacturers should consider when it comes to managing change and differentiation.

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Trevor Galbraith and Jason Spera
Aegis Release Key Updates To FactoryLogix Platform

FactoryLogix adds a PLC gateway which maps data from legacy machines to IPC CfX. The platform has also added a comprehensive Materials Management system, which includes control of AGV's on the floor. Aegis CEO, Jason Spera also discusses the emerging technology of composable architectures with Trevor Galbraith.

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