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Industrial Talk
Automating Adaptive Manufacturing

In this Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie, Aegis Software Corporation's Jason Spera talks about how companies can automate highly adaptive manufacturing without coding or exorbitant costs. Ideal for highly personalized and MRO manufacturing environments.

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Quality Digest
Leveraging MES and QMS to Optimize Cost and Quality

In this Quality Digest article, Aegis Software's Jason Spera discusses why a quality-driven mindset across every layer of an enterprise strategically enhances process visibility and compliance to enable improvements in both cost and customer satisfaction.

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Robotic assembly arms
Smart Factory Insights: Me and My Digital Twin

In this I-Connect007 article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses the digital twin and what you need to know to ensure benefits outweigh the costs.

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Automation Media
Discrete Manufacturers Access New Tools to Manage a Changing Factory Floor

In this recent Automation interview article, Jason Spera, shares the trends in factory floor automation including Industry 4.0-IIoT capabilities, which seamlessly connect assets and systems.

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Jason Spera
Discrete Manufacturers Discover Value in New MES/MOM Solutions

In this recent interview article, Jason Spera, shares his vantage of the changes for factory floor automation in 2021.

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EMSNow Interview
Executing Industry 4.0 with Aegis Software & Dorigo Systems

EMSNow interview webinar featuring Jason Spera, CEO and Co-Founder of Aegis Software Corporation, and Alex Chassels, VP, Operations with Dorigo Systems Ltd. Hear first-hand how Dorigo is leveraging Industry 4.0 to drive differentiation, innovation, and superior customer experiences.

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So You Think You’re Top of the Food-Chain?

In this EMSNOW article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses why manufacturers of any size need to focus on being "Smart" enough to be top of the manufacturing food–chain.

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Blue microchip and check mark
IPC CFX Update v1.3

In this I-Connect007 article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses the latest updates to the revolutionary IPC CFX IIoT standard. As CFX is an IPC standard, the industry is assured of open content, designed to evolve Industry 4.0 manufacturing, for everyone!

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Min/max dial
Smart Is Not A Binary Concept

In this I-Connect007 article Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses important elements manufacturers need to consider when deciding to invest in smart manufacturing to ensure optimal return on investment.

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