digital transformation
Digital Transformation Acceleration

This informative whitepaper discusses the top drivers behind organizations’ IIoT strategies today, details the best solutions to the ongoing talent shortage, and reveals the role technology plays in mitigating labor and supply chain challenges. It also shares some of the latest IDC Manufacturing Insights’ research surrounding top of mind challenges that manufacturers are grappling with today.

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Med Device
The Ultimate in Personalized Manufacturing

In this latest on-demand webinar you will discover the opportunities and requirements for personalized manufacturing and how the Digital Twin connects the worlds of design, manufacturing, and utilization.

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digital factory
Digital Transformation in Manufacturing & Engineering

By controlling and balancing schedule, quality, and cost, organizations can set themselves up to outperform their competitors. In this research report, Aberdeen Group benchmarks manufacturing organizations based on their ability to generate products that meet time-to-market and quality and cost goals, while also achieving revenue targets.

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Digital Dominance
How Manufacturers Can Achieve Digital Dominance

Data is at the foundation of digital dominance, yet the velocity, volume, and contextualization of this data are overwhelming manufacturers’ infrastructures, processes, and people. Aegis & IDC Research discuss key elements to achieve digital dominance.

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connected enterprise
Contextualization: The Art of Data Science

In this whitepaper, we explore how manufacturers can contextualize their factory’s data to break through stagnant data lakes and drive meaningful action.

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Manufacturing Excellence Digitized

Aegis’ FactoryLogix provides everything you need to achieve the speed, agility, visibility, and control required by today’s industrial landscape. Enhance your competitive advantage and accelerate digital transformation with a uniquely adaptive manufacturing platform.

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person working on airplane
FactoryOptix: Augmented Reality Video

FactoryOptix is a unique technology that integrates human assembly operations directly into the automated Industry 4.0 environment, using Augmented Reality as a built-in extension to FactoryLogix paperless work-instructions.

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smart factory
Traceability Booster for the Modern Factory

Traceability is a multi-dimensional topic, affecting all areas of the manufacturing business, as well as being a key influence on technologies. In this on-demand webinar, we build upon the fundamentals of traceability, to discover new applications within the industry that traceability must address.

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magnifying glass
Process Optimization in Manufacturing

Read this whitepaper to learn how technology enablers are critical for keeping up with the increasing pace of innovation, why efficiency is the key to cutting costs while maintaining quality, and why digital transformation doesn’t stop after implementation.

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