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Supply Chain

SMTA CALCE Counterfeit Material Symposium

At the upcoming CALCE UK 2023, Michael Ford of Aegis Software, Damian Glover of Wider.Team and Lubna Dajani of will be discussing how to achieve traceability throughout the supply-network without the need to necessarily change internal processes, domain-based traceability standards, existing solutions and existing data storage methodologies.

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FAKE stamp
Counterfeit Materials: Protect Your Supply Chain

The rapid advancements and utilization of new technologies is simplifying everyone’s life, enabling us to do things quicker, more intelligently, and more efficiently. However, some people see this as being a way to exploit others.

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Robotic assembly line
8 Signs Your Material Management Process Needs an Upgrade

The heart of the electronics factory is in its machines. However, even the lines and factories with the smartest and most versatile machines rely on intelligent and consistent support received by the central processes to reach maximum capability.

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Electronics Manufacturing Services [EMS] - Need For Speed Is Not Only In Production

Could anyone have imagined the degree to which our world has become automated? From smartphones to fully automated data centers, we’ve experienced a technological revolution that has digitized everything.

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Digital Traceability
The Importance Of Digital Traceability In Manufacturing

Traceability, in this new age of digital manufacturing, has never been so inexpensive, and with the recently increasing ingress of counterfeit materials, never more important.

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Inventory Warehouse
Lean Materials Management - WMS and MES

In this blog post, we cover highlights from a recent webinar with Aegis Software and Vecna Robotics: Breaking Down Islands for Lean Manufacturing. Read on to find out how leading manufacturers are creating a truly adaptive and totally visible factory with AGV, MES and WMS together with lean manufacturing concepts.

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vendor selection checklist
The Art of Manufacturing Vendor Selection – top ten hints

Alibaba and DigiKey is not a supply chain strategy! So what are the ten most important things to consider when developing an outsourced manufacturing solution and the supply chain that surrounds it?

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Gold, red, blue and green digital lines
A Golden Age of Innovation in Manufacturing Supply Chain Outsourcing

As I see it a number of factors are throwing up another golden age of electronics innovation, led by new markets and supported by enabling technologies, excellent outsourced product fulfillment and good access to venture capital.

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Showtime for Aegis in February and March

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, 2015 closed on the heels of a very successful presence at Productronica in Munich, Germany.

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Loading dock with pallets of boxes
IoT Solutions for Manufacturing and the Supply Chain

Trends around IoM (Internet of Manufacturing) and Industry 4.0 are all largely focused on operations but where does the potential lie for big data within the supply chain?

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IoT, community and content at the centre of CES

I’m back in San Jose after CES and thought I’d put down a few thoughts on this year’s exhibition floor, keynotes and presentations.

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Electronic Manufacturing Equipment
Who Drives Innovative Manufacturing Processes?

The manufacturing world has been turned on its head by the outsourcing industry, and in many ways for the better, but what about the impact this trend has had on innovation in the manufacturing process?

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Manufacturing assembly line being controlled from a mobile device
Data Driven Manufacturing: Right Data, Right Place, Right Time

The basic requirement of a successful data driven, or ‘transparent’ factory are the ability to collect data and to store data centrally.

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white microscopes
Examining the Medical Electronic Supply Chain

Fanatical traceability and regulation in an industry that deals with life and death in a daily basis.

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Augmented Reality Goggles
Supply Chain Traceability for Wearables

Since the start of the year and my visit to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas I, along with most of the industry, have been talking about this new sector and the potential it holds.

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Industry 4.0 in the Automotive sector
Examining the Automotive Electronics Supply Chain

The automotive electronics segment is worth close to $180 Billion annually, plus another $35 Billion for infotainment, and this is a segment with current and projected double-digit growth.

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blurred world map
Buyer Beware Is a Bad China Manufacturing Outsourcing Strategy

I wasn’t able to watch 60 Minutes last week to see the story everyone is talking about – toxic, carcinogenic laminate floors imported from China.

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supply warehouse with digital icons
Manufacturing Supply Chain Strategy as a Competitive Advantage

I think supply chain is sexy, but more importantly I think supply chain can be a real competitive advantage in all parts of the electronics manufacturing industry.

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Teamwork in China

You’ve got great people in China, but do you know how well they work as a team?

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Manufacturing facility
Manufacturing Job Trends for 2015

Remember a few years ago when geek became chic? No, me neither, but apparently it did, and programmers became cool and among the best paid people in Silicon Valley.

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Strategic sourcing
Elements of Strategic Sourcing Strategy – When do you start?

Most think that strategic sourcing should start when it’s time to introduce product into production, making decisions about where to source components and what the assembly strategy should be, right?

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Supply Chain
6 Supply Chain Predictions for 2015

A new year and new challenges. What does 2015 have install for those involved in electronics manufacturing up and down the supply chain?

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